Corporate Leathercraft Workshops

Want something special for your corporate team days? We put together a special ½ day hour session for your team to help them learn something different to expand their thinking. At the end of the workshop they’ll have a special memento of the retreat that they have handcrafted themselves.

Learn new skills

Some of the benefits participants may gain include:

• Obtain new knowledge and artistic techniques

• Develop new attitudes and life skills

• Evoke a high level of commitment to accomplishment

• Develop and adapt to changing conditions, improving effectiveness

Make something meaningful

In addition, the group environment structure of the workshops allows:

• Communication of ideas and feelings

• Effective decision making and problem-solving

• Invocation of qualities such as friendship, love and camaraderie

As projects can be jointly made, this enhances effective teamwork and allows participants to:

• Feel accepted and learn more about each other, thereby encouraging a cohesive working environment

• Confront their various differences in a safe environment

• Shape their individual identity, self-esteem and social competencies within a group

If you want to give your team something different to build up their efficiency book in for a workshop today.

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