Leathercraft Workshops for Schools

Thinking about offering your students something different this year? Our leather craft workshops are a resounding hit amongst students.

Sessions need to be at least 2 hours long. Tools and supplies will be provided or your school can pay for the supplies in bulk and keep the remaining materials for future use

Learn new skills

Our workshops will help your students:

• Obtain new knowledge and artistic techniques

• Develop new attitudes and life skills

• Evoke a high level of commitment to accomplishment

• Develop and adapt to changing conditions, improving effectiveness

• Invoke qualities such as excitement, joy, fulfilment, achievement and satisfaction

Make something meaningful

Working in a group environment will also help your students:

• Communicate ideas and feelings

• Feel accepted and learn more about each other

• Confront their various differences in a safe environment

• Shape their individual identity, self-esteem and social competencies within a group

• Build decision making, problem solving and teamwork skills

• Invoke qualities such as friendship, love and camaraderie

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